TrainingLiz Taylor Risk Consulting specialises in helping your organisation to obtain value out of managed risk taking and risk mitigation through Enterprise Risk Management.

Our work includes ensuring that Enterprise Risk Management is embedded into all the business activities of the company including business planning, budgeting, internal and external communication and supply chain management.The practical implementation of Risk Appetite is one of our particular unique selling points as is the range of businesses and organisations with whom we work.

Current contracts include two state owned utilities companies, an international bank, several insurance companies, a general service provider and several government and local government bodies. These organisations are spread across the UK, Europe, Africa and middle East.

We are different because we;

  • Help you get real and measurable value out of implementing and improving Enterprise Risk Management and Risk Appetite
  • Offer skills and knowledge transfer
  • Can help you build on what you have done before so you don’t need to start again
  • Challenge the way in which you do things so that you can improve the value you get out of Enterprise Risk Management
  • Work at the leading edge of Enterprise Risk Management
  • Work hard to understand your organisation and to speak your language
  • Provide mature and experienced consultants working on every aspect of the work
  • Have an independent approach based entirely on your needs
  • Deliver results which improve your business
  • Work with you, we don’t do it to you
  • Provide training exactly to your needs and requirements

Please see our wide range of case studies for a feel for our approach and our client base. There is a huge range of publications on our publications page, and we offer a wide range of training both externally and to your own specification.

We are delighted that sales have been excellent since the publication on the 3rd June 2014 of Liz Taylor's first complete book: Practical Enterprise Risk Management - how to optimise business strategies through managed risk taking. You can buy this from Amazon using this EAN:  9780749470531